Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to quickly remove a toothache

Good day, dear readers of our ezine. You probably imagine that such a toothache. And what is a strong toothache? This anguish, distracting from all the nagging and throughout the day. Of course, before that it would be better not to bring, but that has to be done. Again my doctor comes to the rescue.
Tips given in this article, are not a panacea. Pain of a pass, but in the near future will still need to visit the dentist. And in general it is recommended twice a year to visit this familiar to us from childhood cabinet to prevent pain. Of course, there was no time. We all know the saying about a peasant and thunder. Well, that's the word, and Now for our pies, or rather a pain.
How to remove a toothache at home
Thus, we consider the easiest option. Toothache finding you a house or near the centers of civilization. If it happened during a meal - then stop to eat, brush teeth from the remains (if it stuck bits of food, then they need to get it). The next step would be taking tablets of pain medication (ibuprofen, analgin and aspirin).
If there were no pain pills to relief toothache my doctor advises attached to the tooth a cotton swab moistened. In addition, if you're at home, you can rinse your teeth soda solution (you can add a bit of iodine).
To remove a toothache can be applied and freeze. If there are no special preparations for freezing, simply attach an ice cube to the aching tooth. Temporary effect of this will.
But if pain medication or pharmacy is not close, the situation gradually becomes more complicated.
Folk remedies
Traditional medicines to relieve tooth pain if you are away from home, for example, came out on weekends to the cottage and then you can get help and traditional medicines.
Make a decoration of sage and rinse their mouth. A tablespoon of herbs to fill a glass of boiled water, then boil for 10 minutes and allow cooling slightly, and brewing. Try as much as possible to keep the broth near the affected part. The broth should be warm. Once it cools down - it should be changed. Need to rinse your mouth 3 to 5 times per half hour.
The root of plantain. To remove a toothache put in the ear, from which there is an aching tooth, root of plantain. The desired effect is achieved after about half an hour after use.
Copes well with a toothache tincture of oregano. Prepare infusion for one to ten. Apply rinse.
In addition, the removal of dental folk medicine suggests to use pro-polis. We take a small piece of this substance and applying it to the aching tooth. Substances contained in pro-polis, used to treat many diseases, they can help in the case of teeth.
Also, to relieve a toothache, you can use a mixture of salt, garlic and onion. Cook the garlic and onion mush, add the salt, then it all mix well. Take all the ingredients in equal amounts. At the bottom of the cavity of the tooth, place the mixture and cover the swabs.
In folk medicine, there is method to get rid of a toothache and only using one of garlic. To this end, the wrist, in the place where you would normally be palpated pulse, it is necessary to rub with garlic. And then primo tat slice or chopped garlic to the same place - the main thing that got garlic juice on the skin. Garlic defends you to his right wrist, if the aching tooth is on the left side of his mouth, and vice versa.
Unconventional methods of getting rid of a toothache
In addition to household and folk remedies, there are so-called non-traditional methods of getting rid of a toothache.

Massage your hands
Take an ice cube. Massage the hand, located on the opposite side of the patient's tooth, at the intersection of bones thumb and index fingers. With the effort of massage is the uniform circular motion. To remove a toothache should be enough for 5-7 minutes of massage.

Massage the ear
Massage the ear you undertake forefinger and thumb over the top edge of the ear, from which a toothache. Massage the ear must also take you to 7 minutes, and the massage can be a top edge, and the earlobe.

Emotional suffocation
A good analgesic effect has crying. How does it cause - decide for yourself. You can chop onions, for example. Scientists in their research found that crying relieves the pressure in the gums, a little dulling the pain.

Distraction from pain
Opposing emotions too will benefit in the blunting of pain in his teeth. Look good comedy; read stories - the main thing a good laugh. This will switch to the pain receptors in the laughter.
Engage in some affair which will take you to the head. There is something interesting for you? It's time to do it. Take a break at 100, so you can wait for the opening of the dental office or the pharmacy (although better than the first).

And you can just careful. Many scientists say about the high efficiency of this method for removal of dental pain. True, it will act more slowly than the tablet painkiller, but if the pills are no...